Kim is the perfect juxtaposition of heart and business. Her ideas live and breathe and just make plain sense.

I don’t know where I’d be without her business guidance and her school of thinking. She has absolutely transformed the way I think about my business and its role in our community.

~ Greg H., Real Estate, Ohio

Kim came into my entrepreneurial journey at the perfect time. She has the ability to see the big picture and break projects down into small, tangible steps. Before you know it you’ll have accomplished extraordinarily large task after large task!

Without her my business would still be scattered, tired and small.

~ Michelle H., Audiologist, California

Kim is passionate, knowledgeable and visionary. She is particularly skilled at breaking big ideas down into manageable goals that make it possible to see dreams come true.

Her excellent communication is how she is able to share her expertise with others. My start up was in the black in the first month!

~ Melissa A., Art Therapist, Ohio

Kim is both a real-world example of doing whatever you want to do in life and your biggest cheerleader for whatever YOU want to do in life. 

I highly, highly recommend her!

~ Penny H., Educator, Wyoming

I was struggling to keep my head above water, until I hired Kim. I’m pretty sure this chick is the answer to all of my business prayers.

It is life-changing to have someone who understands you and your business in your corner.

~ Jennifer T., Daycare, Ohio

I don’t know how her mind works sometimes, but wow, I am so in awe and appreciative of it.

I am thankful for Kim and all that she continues to do for my business.

~ Dennis M., Retail, Tennessee

Kimberly is so knowledgeable and generous with that knowledge.  She took my ideas for my business and gave me incredible guidance and insights for both now and in the future. 

Very grateful for her expertise!

~ Cailyn E., WonderWild, Pennsylvania

IDEAS!  Omg the ideas.  Just when you think there can’t possibly be more ideas, Kim pulls out yet another goodie.  I seriously got my money’s worth for an idea session- ideas for lifetimes to keep my business fresh and working for me.

Highly recommend!  

~ Justine F., Speech Pathologist, Indiana

I cannot imagine launching my business without the support and input from Kim. She is dedicated to helping small businesses thrive.

She is very responsive and intentional with client’s time. She is always prepared and pivots conversations while consulting to ensure the time is suiting the needs of the client. If you’re looking to start a business, grow your business, or looking for fresh, creative ideas, I highly recommend working with Kim! I am so thankful to have worked with and continue to work with Hatched Consulting!

~ Maggie B., Ohio Special Education Consulting, Ohio

Kim is the true meaning of an entrepreneur. Once she has an idea, she will make it happen! A true innovator!

Had I not found Kim, my career would have turned out much differently. She saw me as a business owner long before I did. I’m grateful for her expertise, guidance, and support.

~ Jacqueline C., Flourish Integrated Therapy, Ohio

Working with Kim for the past 8 years has been an amazing experience! She is full of knowledge and patience as she leads and guides business owners to achieve their dreams and helps them grow their business.

It was thanks to Kim that I started my business, and I could not have grown it into what it is today without her vision, guidance, and support. She is professional, personable, and driven. Your business is in good hands with Kim!

~ DeAnna N., New Spring Special Education, Ohio

Kim has been so incredibly helpful in helping us grow. She is highly responsive and always prepared for every meeting we have.

I feel like Kim’s always thinking about my needs before I think about them. And then she proactively works to solve those potential upcoming issues. I feel really fortunate to have found her and to have her guidance as we continue to grow.

~ Varun B., Acton Academy, Ohio

Working with Kim from Hatched Consulting is a dream come true. She listens to you, studies your business and ideas then breathes even more soul and life into it. She will organize, detail and structure your business in a way that works for you and pave a solid foundation for it to grow.

She has the ability to envision your business’s success far beyond yours and has ideas + follow through to make it happen!

~ Michelle H., Audiologist, California

Being a small business owner can be lonely and you often have just yourself to dream and problem solve with. That’s why sitting down with Kim for a virtual consult was invaluable!

She asked great probing questions and left me with tangible next steps to grow my business.

~ Macy G., My Speech Pocket, Virginia

I worked with Kim for several years. Not only does she bring big ideas to the table, but she has the skills and knowledge to translate those into successful realities.

She is an excellent communicator and great at what she does.

~ Alison R., Child and Family Therapist, Ohio

I’m not sure my business would have made it out of the first year without Kim.  Her encouragement, love of the game and pure grit are unmatched. 

I can’t sing her praises enough.

~ Sara M., Speech Pathologist, Florida

Thank you, thank you! You were a friend and encourager while being a detailed and eager consultant.  You were my sounding board and my teacher.  

I was so hesitant to hire a consultant and now I can’t imagine not ever having met you.

~ Gloria R., Psychologist, Pennsylvania